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Members of Graduate Women Victoria are young and not so young graduates of tertiary institutions of all kinds, who are passionate about helping other women to become graduates. They work to improve the social, political and economic situation of women in Australia and overseas. Practical help is provided by our scholarship program, which assists women studying in Victorian universities; see here for more information.

Many admirable women have been members of our organisation. We are working to commemorate them by posting short biographies here on a page dedicated to their memories, Past Members Remembered. We also have a page carrying news and stories about current members, Members Now. We will be delighted to receive further contributions to these pages; please send these as email attachments to Marian Quartly at this address.

For those wishing to join Graduate Women Victoria, two levels of membership are available. Student members pay $10 and full  members pay $30. To join the national and international bodies, Australian Graduate Women and Graduate Women International, please contact the treasurer of Australian Graduate Women, Alison Hayden, at


To join Graduate Women Victoria, download the membership form.

Enquiries: email Marian Quartly at this address.

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