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Graduate Women Victoria Scholarship Winners 2023

Indigenous Undergraduate

· Marilyn Godley Scholarship | Ellen Bertani (University of Melbourne)

· Erica Jolly Bursary | Kylie Robinson (Victorian Campus, Australian Catholic University)

Honours - Arts/Humanities

· Taines Scholarship | Molly Faulkner (Monash University)

Masters - Education

· Margaret Rumbold Bursary | Amalika Lashani Ganepola Arachchige (University of Melbourne)

· E.D. Daniel Scholarship | Melanie Hodge (Monash University)

Masters – Coursework, Extended and Research

· Jocelyn O’Neil Bursary | Tzipa Blecher (University of Melbourne)

· Judith Rodriguez Bursary | Belinda (Belle) Formica (Victorian Campus, Australian Catholic University)

· May Kentish Scholarship | April Martinez (University of Melbourne)

· Philippa McCall Scholarship | Anna Wiseman (University of Melbourne)

PhD and Doctoral Degrees

· Feminist Fathers Bursary | Elyas Arvell (University of Melbourne

· Feminist Fathers Bursary | Helen Andrews (La Trobe University)

· Madeleine Capicchiano Bursary | Maree Maxfield (University of Melbourne)

· William & Elizabeth Fisher Scholarship | Amy Claire Thompson (University of Melbourne)

GWV Scholarship | Bree Wight (La Trobe University)

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Madeline Baker is our newest member. Madeline is a qualified optometrist and a passionate advocate for mental health issues. Here is her story.

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