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Jean Grieg

1872 - 1939.

Jane Stocks Greig, known as Jean, was born in Fife, Scotland, in 1872. In 1889 her family migrated to Melbourne. Jean attended Brunswick Ladies College, then studied medicine at the University of Melbourne, graduating with honours in 1896. She was one of the founders of the Queen Victoria Hospital in 1896, and an honorary staff member there until 1910, in which year she was one of the first three medical officers appointed to the Victorian Education Department. She worked tirelessly to improve the health of Victorian school children, playing a key role in the introduction of regular dental treatement and of special services for handicapped children.

Jean Greig was one of the founders of the Victorian Medical Women’s Society (1896). In 1933 she was president of the Victorian Women Graduates’ Association. She was also active in the Health Association of Australasia, the Victorian Baby Health Centres Associatio, the Victorian Bush Nursing Association, the Midwives’ Board, and a number of other organisations.

This short biography is drawn from a longer account by Ruth Campbell and J. Barton Hack published in the Australian Dictionary of Biography which can be accessed here.

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