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1922 - 2008.

Maureen Christie joined AFUW Victoria (now Graduate Women Victoria) in 1952 and was

secretary of the Ballarat Branch for more than 30 years. She was nominated as one of

Ballarat’s Great Women in 2010. Details of her life are taken from the Women’s Health in

the Grampians website.

Lifelong campaigner for the advancement of women

Maureen was born in Queensland and the Christie Family moved to Perth, Western

Australia when she was young. Maureen commenced school at Loreto Convent in Perth.

She had great talent and interest in acting and gained a Diploma of Speech from Trinity


Maureen wanted to be a doctor but medicine wasn't available in Perth so she completed first year Science in Perth, then transferred to Medicine at Melbourne University. After

completing second year Medicine Maureen switched to Physiotherapy, graduating in 1944.

Maureen also completed a Dramatic Art course at the Melbourne Conservatorium and

played in many theatre parts, including Sophocles ‘Elektra’, to great acclaim.

The family moved to Ballarat in 1944 and established Christies Ballarat Cool Stores

business and Maureen contributed enormously to its success. Maureen also started her

physiotherapy practice in Ballarat which she conducted for the rest of her life.

Maureen subscribed to the Arts all her life. In Ballarat Maureen was heavily involved in

theatre, acting in and producing many plays for the National Theatre Company and she

commenced the Ballarat Writers and Poetry Group.

Maureen also loved travelling which she combined with attending overseas professional

conferences. She brought back many new treatments for her patients from these

conferences including connective tissue massage. Maureen believed in equality and that

women could achieve whatever they wanted.

Her numerous other interests included dressmaking, weaving, conservation, bird watching

and Scottish country dancing.

The Maureen Christie Bursary was awarded to Alexandra Irwin, a student at RMIT

University, in 2010.

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